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Parent Testimonials

Nancy, Abigail's mom

I can’t possibly say enough to adequately describe what an incredible gift Kelly is and how grateful we are for what she did for our family. We were very fortunate to have Kelly as an OT to work with our daughter. She worked with her on feeding, fine motor, and sensory needs. Kelly tailored her approach to our little girl, earned her trust, and learned how and when to push and what worked best for her. She gave individualized attention and was sensitive to our daughter’s needs and making sure she felt comfortable enough to push her boundaries. She is warm and fun, putting both parents and children at ease. She always gave realistic suggestions for activities that could be done at home and was always open to questions or problem solving. While she was always professional, she also felt like a trusted friend. We love Kelly and would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a highly skilled and dedicated therapist for their child.

Terri, Santino's mom

Kelly has done a wonderful job with my son. He made amazing progress with her. He had so much fun with her and always looked forward to seeing her. We have had many occupational therapists throughout the years and she was by far the best with him. She worked with his handwriting and his teachers are always impressed by how neat he prints. The services he has received by her have been very beneficial.

Recognizing the sensory need behind the behavior. Developing sensory diets to help my child obtain regulation. Your level of knowledge regarding sensory needs is superior to any OT I have met.

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